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Clinton Bloomfield


Clinton BloomField

With the passion and talent characteristic of some of our most highly regarded performers, New Jersey-based renaissance man, Clinton Bloomfield looks to make a name for himself from the stage to the screen. Clinton’s arsenal of skills covers the creative spectrum, from actor to screenwriter/director and from vocalist to songwriter. Since training at New York’s H-B Studio, Clinton has been able to develop well rounded skills, allowing him to take on a diverse range of roles. With this unique adaptability and the ambition to perfect his craft, he continues to ascend to the next level. He decided to get together with long time childhood friend (Dareo Lindsay) and editor Dimitri Titus to create what is now called, Talent with Title Productions. The primary goal is to create indie films for all to enjoy and be entertained. The sky is the limit.

Dareo Lindsay


Dareo Lindsay

With the passion for music and film making Dareo Lindsay was born in the Island of Jamaica but spent his child and adulthood in Newark, New Jersey. While growing up in” brick city”, he acquired a yearning for singing, so he and his cousins decided to form a singing group modeled after the infamous Boys II Men. With singing still in his heart he was inspired to extend his passion into filmmaking. In high school he engaged in a drama performing class where he met acquaintances in the film industry and quickly realized he had a niche for being behind the camera. Dareo was determined to make his mark in society, so he teamed up with childhood friend Clinton Bloomfield in creating a film company, “Talent with Title Productions.” He currently produces films and is co-founder of Talent with Title Productions. Dareo has the skills and mind set of a businessman on a mission to creating a fortune five hundred company. He is also a proud father and husband who currently resides in Pennsylvania. Dareo is a firm believer that “When creative minds are working together, it is easy to press play.”

Dimitri Titus


Although Dimitri’s title is Editor, his talents demonstrate more than that. A man of many talents and titles, the Company looks to him to fulfill other essential roles, including Boom/Sound Man, Colorist, Technical Advisor, Consultant and Gadget Geek. The 25-year-old’s love for all things art began at the age of 7 when he migrated from Haiti to Irivington, NJ. A newcomer, Dimitri had a difficult time learning English. What first looked like a barrier for him quickly turned into an opportunity to communicate with others in a different way—through drawing. In an unfamiliar place, drawing provided an escape for him. Ironically, Dimitri later developed a penchant for poetry and words after poem he wrote in school was published in the town newspaper at the ripe age of 8. Dimitri’s passion for the arts continued throughout high school at Bloomfield Tech High School where he concentrated on Multimedia and developed his love for computers, specifically Macs. He is a graduate of Bloomfield College, where he received a B.A. in Creative Arts and Technology in Interactive Multimedia. Since graduating, he has freelanced for a variety of companies. In 2010, he teamed up with producers Clinton Bloomfield and Dareo Lindsay to work on The Promotion, a short film. Although work on the project was already underway when Dimitri joined, he quickly figured out what the producers’ vision was. The editing and producing trio has now teamed up once again for a larger project, A Playa’s Web, an independent film, which led to the birth of Talent With Title Productions.